Programs Overview

Assets Ohio

Assets Ohio currently provides funding for individual development accounts (IDAs) to 24 organizations across Ohio. IDAs provide an incentive for low-income households to save money for specific purposes (e.g., education, starting a business) by matching each dollar saved with money from public and private sources. For more information, click here.


Building Assets for Fathers and Families in Ohio (BAFF OHIO) is a partnership between the Ohio CDC Association and its members, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, county child support enforcement agencies, and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. The program encourages non-custodial fathers in the child support enforcement system to enroll in and complete a series of financial education sessions, with the goal of strengthening the father's ability to pay his child support, provide for his children, and taking an active role in fatherhood. For more information, click here.

Microenterprise Business Development Program

The Microenterprise Business Development Program provides funding to further develop a local environment that encourages microenterprise development, and to provide low- to moderate-income persons with access to capital for business development and self-employment. For more information, click here.

Ohio CDC Association Americorps*VISTA Project

The Ohio CDC Association VISTA Project, created in 1995 as a partnership between the Ohio CDC Association and the Corporation for National and Community Service, places AmeriCorps*VISTA members in communities throughout Ohio to create a community development environment that comprehensively improves the life opportunities for Ohio residents. For more information, click here.