Public Policy and Advocacy

The Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) advocates on behalf of CDCs and their communities to create public policy and a regulatory environment that will assist CDCs to be successful in their mission of revitalizing and strengthening communities. OCDCA focuses in particular on housing, community economic development, neighborhood redevelopment, asset development, and microenterprise.

Ohio Housing Trust Fund Expansion - Home Matters to Ohio

The Ohio Housing Trust Fund (OHTF) is the state’s primary and most significant resource for Ohioans when home is out of reach. Organizations across Ohio are coming together in a broad-based effort to expand the OHTF by at least $15 million each year of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-2019 Biennial Budget. Home Matters to Ohio!

Endorsement Form – To lend your organization’s support to the expansion effort please, fill out the endorsement form online. Click here, for a PDF copy of the endorsement form.

OHTF BackgroundClick here for more information on history and programs served by the OHTF.

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Ohio Housing Trust Fund (OHTF) TheOHTFLogo

During the summer of 2015 the proven Ohio Housing Trust Fund was nearly dismantled but was saved in the final days of the state’s budget process. For 25 years the Ohio Housing Trust Fund has provided the critical resources necessary to help meet Ohio's affordable housing needs. It remains important for elected officials to continually understand the functions and outcomes of this highly successful funding source.

State Policy

Neighborhood Infrastructure Assistance Program Legislation Introduced
OCDCA in partnership with the Greater Ohio Policy Center, Heritage Ohio, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and Habitat for Humanity Ohio - recently saw the introduction of an innovative tax credit program to assist communities with physical and economic revitalization.

Sponsored by Senator Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) and Representative Jim Butler (R-Oakwood), the companion bills of SB 149 and HB 219 would create a program that will provide tax credits to for-profit corporations that invest in place-based catalytic community projects.

The Neighborhood Infrastructure Assistance Program (NIAP) is intended to help leverage private dollars for community projects critical for the attractiveness and economic competitiveness of the state.

If passed, the NIAP tax credits could be used for corporate and business donations to projects such as:

  • Renovating an historic theater
  • Redeveloping a central business district
  • Developing affordable housing
  • Building a community center
  • Microenterprise business development

For more information about this program please contact Nate Coffman at ncoffman AT or (614) 461-6392 x 207. If you support the creation of this program, you can add your name to the growing list of private, public and nonprofit supporters. We'll keep you posted as the legislation moves through the General Assembly.

Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA)

Ohio Development Services Agency

Ohio Consolidated Plan

Federal Policy

CDBG and HOME Advocacy Resources

HOME Advocacy Editable One-Pager (Add your organization's contact information on page two!)
CDBG Advocacy Editable One-Pager (Add your organization's contact information on page two!)

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Advocacy Needed to Raise Spending Caps and Save HOME

Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) on September 30 to keep the government open through December 11, avoiding a government shutdown. The bill passed in the House 277 to 151 and was approved by the Senate 78 to 20. Now, the stage is set for Congress’ next challenge: raising the low spending caps required by the Budget Control Act.

Now that some in Congress have turned their attention to a possible long-term budget deal, the HOME Coalition has relaunched its national sign-on letter to #SaveHOME and will release a report analyzing the program’s economic impact on jobs and incomes.

Caps Hurt Communities is a Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) initiative. CHCDF is a working group of more than 70 national housing and community development organizations. Read more about the Caps Hurt Communities campaign by visiting and joining at