Overview of CDCs

For 50 years, Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in Ohio have empowered communities
to take local action to generate economic opportunities and improve the quality of life in
underserved neighborhoods. These non-profits provide a wide range of initiatives that have
revitalized and stabilized disadvantaged communities throughout the state.

These initiatives include:

CDCs revitalize distressed communities by building, rehabilitating and preserving affordable, safe homes and rentals for Ohio families, senior citizens and veterans. Housing development and counseling help Ohio families and communities become stable. These revitalized communities attract new jobs and businesses which make neighborhoods thrive.
CDCs provide education and asset building tools so low and moderate income families can become financially independent, improve credit, reduce debt and
foreclosure risk, and contribute
to community stability.
Community economic development creates jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities, builds individual and community wealth and attracts capital to disinvested communities
Through local engagement, residents can take ownership
of their community and
are empowered to make
lasting changes through
grass roots efforts.
CDCs strengthen local food systems, which improve
access to healthy foods and benefits the community, its economy and the environment.