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2019 OCDCA Annual Conference
Celebrating Excellence: Resurgence of Local Pride

Thank you for joining us for our 35th Annual Conference in Canton on October 9-11, 2019

More than 300 community development practitioners, partners, and volunteers dedicated to affordable housing, economic development, food access, financial empowerment, and community engagement convened at this statewide event.

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Agenda & Content Descriptions

All of the events are at the McKinley Grand Hotel unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, Oct. 9
2:30 - 5:00: Registration
3:00 - 5:00: OCDCA Board of Trustees Meeting

3:30 - 5:00: Social Enterprise Incubation Program Pitch Competition
5:30 - 8:30: Networking & Downtown Business Stroll, Canton Brewing Co. Speakeasy
Start at Canton Brewing Speakeasy or go experience the downtown Canton stroll on your own! Maps for the stroll are available at the registration table or at Canton Brewing Co. Speakeasy. Attendees pay for themselves.

Thursday, Oct. 10
8:00 - 9:30: Continental Breakfast & Registration
9:15 - 10:45: Workshop Session I

Micro-Learning Sessions
An Overview of Tree City USA
How to Bring a Plan to Life
The Who, What, and Why of YouthBuild
Pro Formas as a Useful Tool for Non-Profit Agencies
Engaging and Retaining your Organization’s Talent – A Workshop for Executive Directors
What Resources are Available to CDCs?

11:00 - 11:30: OCDCA Annual Business Meeting
11:45 - 1:45: Opening Keynote Lunch, with Dr. John Carlos
2:00 - 5:00: Neighborhood Tours

Creating Housing Strategies for Diverse Populations
Creative Community Responses to Workforce Initiatives and Employee Retention
Developing Food Access Solutions through Unique Partnerships
Individuals + Community Development = Cohesive Downtown

6:00 - 8:00: Evening Reception, The Historic Onesto Event Center
Parking is available around the corner, or join us at a six minute walk from the hotel. Get a tour of the renovated units!

Friday, Oct. 11
8:00 - 8:45: Registration
8:30 - 9:45: OCDCA Member Awards Breakfast

10:00 - 11:15: Workshop Session II
Beyond Food Deserts: How Public/Private Sector Partnerships Create Food Access Solutions
Civic Engagement: How Nonprofits can Help Ensure an Accurate Census and Voter Engagement

Let’s Talk It Out: Acquire/Rehab/Sell Models in the Non-Profit Sector
11:30 - 1:00: Workshop Session III
Exploring Racial Inequity in Ohio
Investing in Health, Transforming Neighborhoods
Resources to Help Non-Profits Address Transportation Barriers

Boxed Lunches made available at 12:30

Items listed on the agenda are subject to change.

Get ready for the conference! Check out the program!

Workshop Descriptions

Wednesday, October 9 // 3:30 - 5:00
Social Enterprise Incubation Program Pitch Competition // McKinley Room
Sean McGee, Managing Partner, CauseImpact
Over the last year, Ohio CDC Association has been piloting the Social Enterprise Incubation Program (SEIP). As a part of that program, each organization will be giving a final pitch presentation. Each team will be formally presenting their ideas to a panel. After each presentation, panelists will ask questions to the organizations, and at the end OCDCA will have a $5,000 cash prize for the winning organization. This is OCDCA’s version of Shark Tank. There will be a chance for the audience to learn about social enterprises, the different projects, and vote on their favorite pitch.

Thursday, October 10 // 9:15 - 10:45
Engaging and Retaining your Organization’s Talent – A Workshop for Executive Directors // McKinley Room
Mark Plaster, Owner, Markwood Partners
In today’s competitive labor market employee engagement and retention is even more of a critical issue to organizational success. How do you distinguish between employee satisfaction and the ideal of real engagement? What are the drivers of an engaged and effective staff? In this interactive workshop with fellow staff leaders you’ll learn tactics to influence engagement. Learn what motivates employees from leadership and organizational development executive Mark Plaster of Markwood Partners.

Thursday, October 10 // 9:15 - 10:45
Micro-Learning Sessions // Jackson Room
Join us for these brief, twenty minute sessions with experts. Feel free to come and go as you please depending on the topics.
Tree City USA: Growing Strong Communities // 9:16 AM - 9:36 AM
Lola Lewis, Regional Urban Forester, Region Six, ODNR-Division of Forestry
Tree City USA is greening communities across the country. This program is a great opportunity to celebrate the importance of an urban tree canopy and improve care of these vital city trees.
How to Bring a Plan to Life // 9:39 AM - 9:59 AM
Ray Hexamer, CEO, Stark Economic Development Board
Plans are written all the time, but how do you take that plan off the shelf and bring it to life? In this quick twenty minutes, learn the real world examples of Strengthening Stark, a collaborative, multi-sector approach at a plan.
The Who, What, and Why of YouthBuild // 10:02 AM - 10:22 AM
Joanna James, Executive Director, Project REBUILD
Join us to learn about YouthBuild, the programs in Ohio, and how partnering with them may be a win/win for all.
Pro Formas as a Useful Tool for Non-Profit Agencies // 10:25 AM - 10:45 AM
Doug Harsany, Founder and President, Harsany & Associates, LLC
In this short course we will quickly learn what a pro forma is, and how it can bring value to various business and real estate planning efforts. We will also discuss how a proforma is created, realize the importance of good assumptions, and seek to understand the limitations and utility of this financial planning tool.

Thursday, October 10 // 9:15 - 10:45
What Resources are Available to CDCs? // Wells Room
Diane Alecusan, Program & Policy Manager, Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Harold Brown, Vice President of Community Strategies, Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Aaron Clapper, Project Manager, Greater Ohio Policy Center
Melissa Miller, Associate Director, Ohio CDC Association
Ken Surratt, Outreach Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Nonprofit community development organizations can find resources to do their important work from a variety of sources. This panel will highlight a few of these sources. Most of the panel time will be devoted to audience Q&A, so come prepared to ask burning questions on tax credits, Opportunity Zones, impact investing, and more.

Friday, October 11 // 10:00 - 11:15
Beyond Food Deserts: How Public/Private Sector Partnerships Create Food Access Solutions // Jackson Room
Trevelle Harp, Executive Director, NOAH
Roger Sikes, Program Manager, CCBH Creating Healthy Communities

This is not your average mobile market workshop – we’ve moved into the realm of brick and mortar food access solutions! Join Trevelle Harp and Roger Sikes as they speak on how empowered residents in Cuyahoga county brought grocery stores to their neighborhood. They’ll touch on the implementation of creating access to high quality markets for low-income communities, and the role that the community serves in shaping their neighborhood’s access to markets.

Friday, October 11 // 10:00 - 11:15
Civic Engagement: How Nonprofits can Help Voter Engagement and Ensure an Accurate Census // McKinley Room
Maria Bruno, J.D., Civic Engagement Coordinator & Policy Analyst, Ohio Votes
Ashon McKenzie, Esq., Policy Director, Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio
Kimlee Sureemee, Senior Manager, Policy-Advocacy and Development, Asian Services in Action

Historically low-income and communities of color are undercounted in the decennial census and are underrepresented in our electorate. This disenfranchisement is harmful in many ways and is counter to a healthy and fair democracy. Representatives from the Ohio Census Advocacy Coalition will explain how your organization can help to make certain that your community is counted and is afforded deserved representation and resources. COHHIO’s Ohio Votes will explain how non-profits can mobilize voters while maintaining 501(c)3 status, and you’ll learn how to implement non-partisan voter engagement. With 2020 fast approaching it’s important for the non-profit sector to understand opportunities to be civically engaged in the census and voter participation.

Friday, October 11 // 10:00 - 11:15
Let’s Talk It Out: Acquire/Rehab/Sell Models in the Non-Profit Sector // Wells Room
Chris Garland, CD Manager, National Community Stabilization Trust
Ken Surratt, Outreach Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Do you want to learn more about acquire/rehab/sell models? This dialogue-based workshop will open the discussion on how non-profits can build successful rehab models. If you are interested in understanding how non-profits can become equipped to house an effective rehab program, this is the workshop for you. This session is reliant on the curiosities and participation of everyone, not just the moderators, so come ready to ask questions and offer your insight!

Friday, October 11 // 11:30 - 1:00
Exploring Racial Inequity in Ohio // Jackson Room
Amy Cole, Director of Personnel, City of Canton
Keryna Johnson, Legislative Analyst, City of Columbus
Linda Nelson, Executive Director, Pyramid CDC
Diane Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Stark County Urban League
Kalitha Williams, Project Director of Asset Building, Policy Matters Ohio

This year marks the four hundred year anniversary of the first African enslavement in the United States. Yet, despite 154 years of freedom, significant cultural contributions to society, the Civil Rights Movement, and at least three reconstructions, social injustices are still prevalent in communities of color. African Americans continue to struggle for equity in wealth distribution, access, participation, and opportunities. In this session we will explore the racial inequities in Ohio and how they impact hiring practices, health, policy, wealth, and assets.

Friday, October 11 // 11:30 - 1:00
Investing in Health, Transforming Neighborhoods // Wells Room
Loren Anthes, Public Policy Fellow, Community Solutions
Matt Belliveau, Healthy Neighborhoods Manager, Community Building Partnership of Stark County
Liz Edmunds, Vice President, Aultman Hospital
Elaine Campbell, Director of Mercy Development Foundation, Mercy Medical Center
Rodney Reasonover, CEO, Stark County Community Action Agency
Ryan Bunch, Communication & Outreach Coordinator, The Arts Commission
Kendra Smith, Director of Social Determinants of Health, ProMedica

This workshop highlights three unique examples from Canton and Toledo of partnerships among health care entities and local community development organizations in addressing socio-economic determinants of health, such as housing improvements, access to health care, and neighborhood revitalization. The contributions of both partners in these collaborative relationships positively affect the local environments in which residents live, work, and play. Moderator, Loren Anthes from the Center for Community Solutions, describes the intersection between housing and Medicaid, and how healthcare / community development collaborations can lead to positive policy transformations.

Friday, October 11 // 11:30 - 1:00
Resources to Help Non-Profits Address Transportation Barriers // McKinley Room
Will Dent, Executive Director, The ABCD Inc.
Olivia Hook, Statewide Mobility Coordinator, Ohio Department of Transportation
Alexandra King, Health Care and Transportation Associate, Community Transportation Association of America
Dominic Matthew, Director, Mobility Innovations, Fund for Our Economic Future
Sean Sammon, Transit Planner, Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association

Lack of transportation is increasingly becoming more and more of an issue for communities around the state. From rural to urban, and everywhere in between, it was listed as one of the biggest challenges facing communities that OCDCA members serve on the 2019 OCDCA Member Survey. So what can nonprofit community development organizations do? This workshop will provide steps that nonprofits can take to help their communities overcome transportation barriers. Attendees will receive information on national, state, and regional resources.

Tour Descriptions - thursday, October 10, 2:00 - 5:00

Creating Housing Strategies for Diverse Populations
This tour highlights the various strategies utilized by the Stark County community to meet the needs of diverse populations. Featuring high end luxury apartments, affordable senior housing, zero energy homes, quality permanent supportive housing, a planned mixed income community, and an innovative modernization and reuse of a historic school building, this tour provides an exciting and fast-paced look at housing opportunities that enrich a community. (Some walking, mostly indoors, included in this tour).

Creative Community Responses to Workforce Initiatives and Employee Retention
Have you every wondered how programs are developed? How an idea was born to solve a problem? How funding was achieved to address the issues, once you had an idea of how to tackle the problems? Finally, how to keep the momentum going from the pairing of unlikely partnerships? Well this tour is for you! From the time you step on the bus you will engage in an interactive dialogue regarding the various approaches that have been developed to creatively solve employer and employee solutions to retaining a workforce. This takes both parties beyond the placement with a major culture shift on all sides for how retention is now taking on a holistic and comprehensive approach for various industries. While similarities are noted in each of the models that will be presented, each industry partnership designs an MOU that is tailored to their employee population and various business/industry needs. (Very little walking, mostly inside in factories. Closed toed shoes are recommended. Flowy clothing or materials are discouraged).

Developing Food Access Solutions through Unique Partnerships
Food access alone is not enough to create meaningful change. Several agencies throughout Stark County have taken traditional ideas for increasing food access and through unique partnerships and collaborations have created impactful community development strategies that can be duplicated in any community. Hop on the bus and see how gardens, urban farms, country stores, mobile grocery markets, local foods, DD, veterans, youth, homeless, food justice, arts programs, faith, students all intersect to form powerful county programming. (Walking outside and inside, to working farms and gardens with uneven ground and possible mud).

Individuals + Community Development = Cohesive Downtown
The lifeblood of a city is a successful downtown area where residents feel safe to come for both work and leisure. A decade ago Canton’s downtown was a textbook example of a failing city core. Through a healthy mix of art installations, galleries, restaurants, nonprofits, public and private housing projects, historic building preservation, green space, gardens, progressive ordinances and creation of “districts” to build identity, downtown has become a hip, vibrant place to be. This has all been done without the effects of gentrification and creating a space where all are welcome to live and thrive. Join us on this fast-paced walking tour throughout downtown Canton and see how it all coexists. (Wear comfortable shoes! This tour covers 2 miles outside on sidewalks).

Dr. John Carlos.jpg

Keynote - Dr. John Carlos

Dr. John Carlos is a medaled USA Track and Field Hall of Fame athlete and Olympian. He made world history during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico, when he took to the international stage during the medal ceremony and made a speechless statement, heard and seen worldwide. Winning the 200 meter, John Carlos accepted the Bronze medal at the Olympic podium wearing black socks and no shoes to represent impoverished people who had no shoes of their own, and raised a black-gloved fist crowning a bowed head to humbly reflect the strength of the human spirit. The International Olympic Committee president Avery Brundage immediately ordered Smith and Carlos suspended from the U.S. team and banned them from the Olympic Village.

Since 1985, Dr. Carlos has been a counselor, in-school suspension supervisor, and a track and field coach. Continuing his life-long mission to improve human rights conditions and to increase chances for the successes of our youth, Dr. Carlos is actively involved with global and community movements. In April of 2008, he once again took to the international stage and was a torch-bearer for the Human Rights Torch, which ran in parallel to the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay, and focused attention on China’s human rights record. In July of the same year, Dr. Carlos accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for his salute at the 2008 Espy Awards.

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LISC Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
Ohio Census Advocacy Coalition
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