Employment Opportunities

We will post employment opportunities in the community development field free of charge as a service to our members. Notices will be removed after 30 days unless more time is requested by the organization. Organizations with employment opportunities in the community development field, please email your employment notices to Lisa Much, Communications and Development Manager.

Village Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, is hiring a Senior Loan Officer. View job description. 7/12/17

East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation is seeking a Chief Executive Officer. View job description. 7/12/17

ECDI is seeking a Relationship Manager for their Cleveland office. View job description. 6/26/17

Ohio Development Services Agency, Columbus, is seeking a Manager, Residential Revitalization. View job description. 6/21/17

County Corp, Dayton, is hiring a Construction Manager. View job description. 6/20/17

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland is seeking an Executive Director. View job description. 6/13/17

Industry Impact Report

A survey of our members to determine the collective impact of the community development industry in Ohio.

2015 Industry Data Report

Public Relations Toolkit

OCDCA is pleased to announce our PR Toolkit to member organizations.

The OCDCA PR Toolkit is designed to build the marketing and public relations capacity of the members of Ohio CDC Association. It provides guide posts for talking in public about community development work, including a working definition of our field, framing language for setting the terms of public discussion, tips for target audiences, and do’s and don'ts for using mobilizing and inclusive language. Use the tips in the document to help work though communications planning and marketing.