Training and Technical Assistance

To support strategies for comprehensive community development, organizations' current needs, reliable information, and expertise to ensure CDC initiatives are executed at the highest level, OCDCA offers a variety of training and professional development opportunities. Designed to help our members make the most of their organizations' talent and resources, we deliver 10-15 days of training per year on topics including, but not limited to, community development, economic development, affordable housing, financial empowerment, food access, real estate, finance, project development, leadership, and management. The format of the training varies from webinars to one-day workshops to two- and four-day intensive training.

OCDCA also hosts regional membership meetings that provide our members opportunities to network with one another and meet with industry leaders who provide important information and listen to their concerns.

For specific questions regarding upcoming community development training, training sponsorship opportunities, or to register for an upcoming training, please contact Melissa Miller at (614) 461-6392, ext. 209. Please note that training events are only added to the calendar after dates have been finalized.

OCDCA Request for Qualifications for Training & Technical Assistance Providers

Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) requests credentials from trainers and technical assistance providers for our programs for CDCs (Community Development Corporations). Providers are needed in the areas of affordable housing, community economic development, food access, community empowerment and financial empowerment.

Ohio CDC Association assesses needs annually. Other areas in which we need providers include organizational development for CDCs, both foundational and enrichment training for staff of microenterprise programs, retail and commercial development, and asset building through Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). OCDCA is also open to receiving credentials for providers serving CDCs in creative ways other than those specifically mentioned above. OCDCA also encourages CDCs that have a unique and/or successful project that they feel the membership at large would benefit from to submit a proposal.

We encourage trainers or organizations to submit credentials at any time during the year. However, priority will be given to training topics submitted by December 7, 2018 for 2019 calendar year. Member proposal and qualifications get preference over non-member trainer and consultants.  

Please submit the following items by December 7th:

  1. A current resume of presenter(s) which includes contact information and any relevant certifications;

  2. Your level of compensation.  Please provide both a daily and hourly rate;

  3. If you are a consultant, submit three customer references (name, organization, address, phone number and e-mail).  Please indicate the services you performed for the customer and when they took place. If you are submitting on behalf of an organization, please submit a brief narrative about program success in community or organizational expertise in subject area;

  4. A list of workshops, conference session or webinars you can provide and on what topics. Please briefly describe the workshops or webinars;

  5. A list of topic areas in which you are willing to provide technical assistance.

Please note that, due to requirements from matching state funding sources, OCDCA may be required to request competitive bids for specific workshops/courses or technical assistance in addition to this request.

Please submit your response via e-mail to Melissa Miller, If you have questions, please contact Melissa via email or at 614-461-6392 ext. 209.