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Select the appropriate Voting or Non-Voting Level for your organization.


Voting Members must meet three criteria:
1) The organization must be a Community Development Corporation: incorporated, organized, and operated as anonprofit organization.
2)The organization must include low and moderate income residents of the organization’s target neighborhood or community on its Board of Directors.
3) The principal aim of the organization must be the economic, physical, or social revitalization and stabilization of a community.

If you've determined you are a voting member, select one of the membership levels based on the portion of your operating budget dedicated to development, which is defined as real estate, economic, business and asset development activities.

  • Level V1 $175 – under $50,000
  • Level V2 $225 – between $50,001 and $100,000
  • Level V3 $325 – between $100,001 and $300,000
  • Level V4 $425 – between $300,001 and $400,000
  • Level V5 $575 – over $400,001


Any individual or organization, which supports the goal of community-based development may apply to be recognized by the Voting Members of the Association as an Associate Member. Associate Members may attend and participate in association meetings but shall not have voting rights.

If you've determined you are an associate member, please select your membership level based on the information below:

  • Level N1 $175 – Individual Associates
  • Level N2 $225 – Nonprofit Partners (who do not qualify for voting membership)
  • Level N3 $325 – Sustaining Members (Government, Universities, Non-Financial Institutions)
  • Level N4 $425 – For-profit Developers, Builders, Consulting Firms & other businesses

For Financial Institutions, Intermediaries, Corporations and Bank CDC’s:

  • Level F1 $275 – Small Financial Institutions (total assets less than $250M)
  • Level F2 $575 – Large Financial Institutions (total assets more than $250M)
  • Level F3 $475 – Nonprofit Financial Intermediaries (national, state & local)

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